Reviving the tradition of master craftsmanship

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Natural materials

Chair handicraft in Florence

This company owned by the Martini family now carries on this inspiring and authentic tradition. The legacy of an ancient and familiar period in history. We deal with the lining of chairs and other items of furniture, with a traditional artisan touch. Handmade exclusively with natural material.

A historic company

Our business was born in 1921. For almost a century now we have been bringing traditional furniture to life. Timeless wisdom and ancient mastery. Right here in the beautiful via Sante Verdiana, in the traditional market of Sant'Ambrogio, we are now continuing our family-run handicraft work. We have kept the work strictly in house, relying on a tight-knit group of experts. From generation to generation, the master handicraft is now staying intact. Objects of furniture that you can rely on.


Our family's business places a premium on the way we do perform our art. We dedicate time and passion to achieve a unique result. In fact, we re just as passionate about the work itself as the end product. We work with manual tools that have stood the test of time. Hammers, screwdrivers, and awls. Every piece of workmanship is therefore unique in its own way. Infused with its own spirit and its own special sense of style. Whether it be for repairs or creating new chairs, our artisanal work, ensures that each product is completely unique and  connot be copied.
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Due sedie antiche impagliate una a fianco dell'altra
Vista dello schienale di una sedia impagliata

Natural straw only

Our sense of tradition in our craftsmanship exists not only in the techniques we use, but also our exclusive use of natural materials, the way it was always meant to be. Modern chairs are also repaired or modified using only authentic, natural straw: no plastic or artificial fibers. Other natural materials we use include include woven straw and strands of fiber. We offer you only the very best.
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Come and visit us on Via Santa Verdiana, 4 / R, in Florence!

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