Chair repairs in Florence

The craftsmanship of the chairs has been the Martini family's secret for generations. For nearly a century now, we have been able to offer private individuals as well as restaurants and hotels, the level of artisan craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly rare in today's world. Depending on your taste or the kind of seating or furnishing you require, we will be able to help with a variety of designs. It may not seem important at first, but the mere use of a particular technique as opposed to another can evoke an entirely different atmosphere around the chair. It is then this aura that makes the chair t more suitable for specific environments rather than others.

Classical weaving

Classical weaving is the most traditional technique. It has often been used in the past but is still alive today in furniture where the desire is to bring back a family atmosphere as well as an ancient dimension. This technique involves the weaving of straw or other material used directly on the structure of the seat, allowing you to create classic weaving or patterns reminiscent of a chessboard.

The straw of Vienna

The Viennese wrap-around, also made by hand, gives a different effect thanks to the technique used to produce it. It can actually be done in two different ways. Both however require holes to be inserted on the inside of the chair. In this traditional technique, the chair is in an upturned position, and the straws are passed through the holes of the chair in order to achieve the characteristic twisted weave effect. The other way of doing it is to do the weaving separately. Her it is as if the weaving is actual embroidery. Then fastening it to the bottom of the seat by means of a a wire finishing.

Repair and restoration of chairs

These are both antique craft techniques, which are unfortunately slowly disappearing today. As the Martini family, we are committed to continue living this tradition. Our pledge is to continue repairing chairs and other furniture accessories that also require stitching. If you have antique chairs that you want to give a second life, a traditional touch, or if you want to enhance your space with a vintage element, you have come to the right place. We repair them using our knowledge of ancient handicraft mastery.

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